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Jun. 2nd, 2010

New Blog on Wordpress :)

I just started a new blog on Wordpress: http://sisterpassion.wordpress.com/

I'm going to continue using LiveJournal for all of my obsessions, but I'm going to try and keep my large posts on wordpress :)

Please visit and comment or give me ideas/criticism!

Jun. 1st, 2010

A New Chapter, A New Journal

As my current favorite song says:
"Everything will change. Love remains the same."

So at a time of great change in my life, I have decided to go back and focus on my loves: friends, family, books, TV, music, video games, movies, and everything else. I have got EXACTLY 2 months before my orientation starts for Medical School, and I want to take full advantage of my time of freedom.

I never really used my LJ for more than just adding fellow Harry Potter fans, but now with this amazing summer of doing nothing before me, I think I'm ready to start posting. I hope it will be a good spot for musings on my latest obsessions and a place to keep a general log of my leisurely goals. I keep a private journal, but I think it will be nice to have a place that will separate my personal ranting from the fun stuff.

So... HERE WE GO!! :)

Apr. 29th, 2007

2 New Short Fics

Today I've got 2 new fics to recommend. They are both shorts (fics under 16 chapters). The first, "The Promise" is an underappreciated fic that has an original plot that actually doesn't forget about the magic that is supposed to be present in Draco and Hermione's world. It is full of suspense and mystery until the final chapter. The second fic, "Sugar Water" is absolutely amazing. It is a fic that takes place after the Tower scene in Half-Blood Prince. One of my favorite parts of this fic is the way that the author represents the passage of time, and how Hermione and Draco fall for each other. It's very unique and really adds to the fic.

The Promise by JenAnnBradley
[ NC-17 - Romance, Suspense - 16 Chapters - Complete ]
Draco promised to return to Hermione, but two years later she has lost faith. When he finally he reenters her life, why is she left only with questions?

Sugar Water by Sage
[ R - Romance, Angst - 7 Chapters - Complete ]
The sunsets in Draco's head are green, and Hermione has never believed in colors at all. A seven part story about life, growing up, and facing our pasts.

Mar. 23rd, 2007

New LiveJournal

I had to get a new LJ because I haven't been using my old account so I think it got deleted. boo!! I think I'll probably just use this journal to have another place to keep track of my updates on Sonorus. I'm actually kind of wondering what will happen after this summer once the new HP book is released. Will fan fiction die? I'm sure people will continue writing fun stories of how Draco and Hermione can still get together. We shall see. If the fan fiction continues than I definitely still want to keep up with Sonorus.

I was thinking of adding a new feature to Sonorus. I want to have a place where you can read summaries of uncompleted fan fiction so that you don't have to reread fics everytime an author updates, but that would take a lot of work. I hope that over the summer I can add a lot more to Sonorus and really expand it. For now I'll continue just adding more fics to the recommendation list. Here are three fics I've added:

The Sweet Hereafter by eucalyptus
[ R - Angst/Romance/Humour - 3 Chapters - Complete ]
Sometimes pain and tragedy happen without reason. Hermione breaks away from the emptiness of a senseless war fifteen years in her past.

Falling by kestrell
[ R - One Shot - Complete ]

Nothing Like the Sun by Victoria P
[ NC-17 - One-Shot - Complete ]
Hermione does what she must.

The Sweet Hereafter is a Post-Hogwarts fic that I liked because it's not often that you find a Draco-Hermione Fic that includes Neville on Draco's side in the plot. The second fic is pretty much smut but it's still a hott read. "Nothing Like the Sun" is an angst-filled war fic which I always enjoy :)

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